Day 6

Tuesday, 26 June, 2012

I had set my alarm, because we were maybe going to meet with Danys for breakfast. Unfortunatly that did not work out but I hope and am sure that we will be able to meet up again before I leave, even if he is gone at the moment... I let Nici sleep and I don't think she minded because she slept for a long time  In the end, we had to hurry to be on time for our timed entrance to the Star Wars exhibition. Antoine was so kind as to take us to the metro and everything worked out well!

We were able to walk right passt the long line of people wanting to buy tickets, since we already had ours - glee haha and finally, after standing in line with everybody else for the 12am entrance, were admitted to the show. Our equipment: a bracelet, a necklace and an earpiece. Okay, the bracelet was electronic and saved information, the necklace was a receiver and the earpiece enabled us to hear things.

The exhibition itself is really really well done!! There are sketches from the filmmaker, there are costums, masks, figures - all original. And there were many interactive stations. With the reciever around our neck we could stand infront of certain things and then hear information. There were videos that worked the same way. The idea of the bracelet was to create our own star wars identity. I won't tell you too much, because maybe this exhibition will travel  check out the link to read my story:

After spending at least 1 1/2 hours there we left and started our search for a place to eat lunch. We finally found a place that looked nice (too nice) from the outside, had a good menu and good prices. At first both of us were too chicken to enter, because nobody was there. When we did enter, we did not regret the choice! It was not really like a restaurant, more like a home. It was decorated in a comfy way, ingredients were standing around and the chef was extremely friendly! I have started to let everybody who I meet write a little word in my notebook - he wrote something as well! The food was delicious, I had Massaka and we shared the (quote Nicole) "best mousse au chocolate ever"! We left the restaurant full and happy.

We returned to the science center to check out the other exhibitions and learned quite a bit in an exhibition about future developments in technology. We also played a multi player game that we did not really understand and in which we saved the world

Well, we did not spend too much time there because we were expected back in time for dinner. Nici cooked a delicious curry, beans, vegetables something again!! After dinner we spent a little bit of time with Fred and then got ready to leave for the evening.

Nici and I left shortly after Fred and his friend to meet some friends at Berri. We both did not know who was going to show up, because I had just written a group mail! I knew that Antoine F. was going to be there and was very happy to see Fred and Matthieu! Justine with some friends and Phil joined us at St. Sulpice. We enjoyed good music, good conversations, some drinks and a nice evening together. We were laughed at by the Metro employees while running to catch the last metro and ended up actually still waiting in the metro for it to leave! (Tabarnak!) But a nice guy left us his seat, I guess we looked like we deserved a seat?

Lucy had left me a little note on the door explaining the alarm system - BTW Nici and I have started a bag with all kinds of memories and things, somehow I have the feeling it is going to fill up quickly!

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