Day 7

Wednesday, 27 June, 2012

How nice and how well deserved - un jour tranquille! By the time I had had breakfast, Nici was still rolling out of bead. The weather was not the best so we could not do our half plannes bike trip, instead we played some Mario Cart and then went shopping after lunch, since Nice and I had offered to make dinner. Menu (Nici's idea of course): filled aubergines with rise.

Obviouly we needed Aubergines but for some strange reason all of the stoors near by (2) decided to tease us and did not have any anymore! Did you know that Baiser is not known here?? Strange... Anyway, we (Lucy) ended up calling a different store still and asking, before we drove down there and got the last 3 aubergines! I bet everyone decided to buy and eat aubergines, just because we wanted some  

Well, back in our room with all the grocery's in the kitchen and put away, I fell asleep on Antoine's bed and Nici chilled. Dinner was cooked soon after, I made chocolate chip cookies and the salad, whereas Nici did magic with the Aubergines, filling and chutey! Lucy was soooo happy!! Apparently the guys never cook for her. He really enjoyed having somebody else cook and she liked the food as well. The others did to and so did I haha

After dinner Antoine left for Sophie to talk with Vivane, the two of them had had a little dispute. Nici and I got Renee to help us get to bikes ready, drew Antoine a little map with a note so he could join us later and left for a little trip to the riverbank. We played cards and talked, Antoine had come to join us but was incapable of finding us - dommage!  It still was a very nice outing and we talked to some people as well.

It felt good just having a quiet day - alarm set for the day outing to jouvence the next day!

29.6.12 05:37

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