Day 8

Thursday, 28 June, 2012

Before I forget, Nici insists on it being mentioned that - up to now - she has only got food once on her clothes! Yeah

Thursday morning, Antoine woke us up and we got ready to leave the day! Due to bad weather being predicted, we decided not to go all the way the Charlevoix and spend the night there, instead - Jouvence! A holiday place in the middle of the woods, the place Antoine had gone to for years with his family.

I slept in the car, we drove through a postcard landscape and arrived at Jouvence. Antoine gave us a tour of the place - very chouette!!! - and then it already was time for the lunch buffet (great food btw).

After a big lunch we went into the forest. This place is like paradise for kids and for grown up kids as well! There are games hidden all over the place in the forest. Antoine had stated to know the place like his jacketpocket and ended up not knowing where to find the Tarzan Swing haha but we did find it in the end. Oh my gosh, that thing is soo much fun - I think I would have liked to play in the movie Tarzan haha. We took turn swinging about and almost swinging into trees. We then passed the swing to some little kids and went back to the gigantic lake, got changed and got into a Kayak. Everybody who is at Jouvence can take a Kayak, a Kanoo or a Sailboat at any time! Of course life vests are provided and obligatory.

Since there were only Kayaks for two people (or single ones), I sat on the back and tadaaaa it was a Kayak for three! Eventhough the sky was full of clouds and it was windy, the sun was beginning to heat things up and the water was not as cold as expected. Yes, the first time Antoine pushed me in, it was cold but then it was very comfortable. We paddled far out to a little cottage out in the woods, very vey very nice interior, where groups can stay. There is not heating, no toilet, the water is from the lake etc. Antoine and I have thought of going there with a big gang from JFP (need at least 15 people).

Nici had stayed on the peer, when Antoine and I went to look at the house and when we got back, she had taken our boat out to a little platform and was lying in the sun. We refused to swim out to her and we finally got the Kayak back - without the oars - and I managed to fall extremely elegant while getting into the stupid thing. AUA - my poor foot! Earlier Nici had told Antoine that she was quite a bit more clumsy than me, after my fall quote Nici: "Maybe it really is you, the clumsy one!" (thank you...)

Obviously, when we all were on the platform, we just had to try to push Antoine into the water - the temptation was to large! The thing is, he is just too strong! We do not stand a chance, how fair is that??

Back at the beach we lay in the sun, got changes, played cards and then had dinner. After dinner we played frisbee and kept throwig it either in the sand or in the water! Somebody kept messing up until we said, that after the next frisbee is not caught, we will leave. Ohooo, then we all got so good! We added, that the person, who dropped the frisbee was to give a massage at one of the other two. I ended up losing (Nici threw an uncatchable one!!!) and then Antoine and Nici played again, Nici won, so I am going to give her a massage  Maybe she will forget?? Somehow, I doubt that a lot! Haha

On the way back home we watched a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful sunset!!! The variety of the colours, the clouds, the full, round sun - simply perfect.

Upon arrival, we met Viviane by chance and said good-bye to her and then went almost straight to bed.

What a wonderful day! I really enjoyed myself and Nici did too!

What a nice idea it was to go there

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Karla (30.6.12 09:38)
Awesome blog entry! Interesting, full of lively details and funny incidents. Does your foot still hurt? Love from M

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