Day 9

Friday, 29 June, 2012

I always wake up briefly, when Antoine gets up to go to work. By now he, when passing through our room, looks at the bed, expecting me to be waving, sitting or saying something.

Same thing this morning and back to sleep afterwards! Nici and I had a lazy morning and noon, being productive in the way that we booked our bus tickets to Toronto and to the Niagara Falls. For both places we have been accepted via Couch Surfing to nice people. We both are looking forward to this experience!

Around three, we left the house to pick up Antoine from work. There was no real reason for us to pick him up, but I (and Nici along with me) just felt like picking him up at least once. We met him outside of his hospital St. Luc and went to visit and family member. I knew her from last year, Nici obviously did not  From her little apparment, one has a wonderful view over the whole city. You can see the river, downtown, the festival center or look down 16 floors to the street. For some reaso, both Nici and Antoine did not want to look down and Nici got all nervous when I did ... wierd haha Only 16 flights =P

BTW - I accept the challenge to climb something that high!

We went back to our little wooden house with Antoine, had dinner and I got ready to leave, since I was invited to Antoine F. (yes, a different Antoine) house. Nici was going to join us later in a bar. Intelligent me managed to miss the metro and because of a great bus connection, I was 30 minutes late. I hate that and was angry at myself, who knows me, knows that that is dangerous  It is the worst kind of anger, anyway, I found my way to Antoine's house and we spent a nice hour in the garden, talking, with a glass of wine and him trying to teach me how to juggle (I am a hopeless case...). I really like the way their house is set up on the inside!

From his house I wrote Nici a message telling her when and where to meet us, unfortunatly, the auto correct from the Iphone confused me to such an extent that I wrote her the wrong time  Instead of being there are 9:45, she thought she had to be there at 8:45 - I wrote the message around 8:40, go Nici, beam yourself across the city! Haha, I felt so bad when we met her and she said she had been waiting for 30 minutes and raced to get there... Not really my day.

Laura is in Montreal as well, she was an exchange stundent with me. It was her and some other friends we met to go to a bar with. Nici and I left them to sprint downtown to the Jazz festival. Lucy had given us some tickets and even though we had looked the person up and had not been thrilled, we went to check it out. Now I can say: "Hey, I have been to an indoor concert from the Jazz festival - what about you?"  Yes, the saxophonist had great technic, but it was too electric for me. Nici was fascinated but we still left early and went back through the masses of people watching outdoor concerts and filling the little stoors on the streets.

We joined my friends again at the Bar Laurier, where the beer tasted terrible. We talked, watched a guy dance with the Jukebox and after the last metro had left, looked up how to get home with nightbusses. Antoine F. had offered us to stay at his place (around the corner!) but Nici wears contact lenses and has to put them into the special liquid. I did not get the chance to say good-bye really to my friends and ran in open shoes to get the bus, only to be let out of the bus at the wrong stop by the driver and then walk around the city for over 2 hours, meeting a guy from Osnabrück, taking 6 busses and walking through interesting neighbourhoods. I'd say it was an adventure! And as if that was not enough, we had realized at the concert, that we did not have a key with us. Upon calling Antoine, we did not receive an answer so we were kind of stuck. Still, we went home, hoping that we would be lucky. Btw, Antoines brother cannot be found on facebook, so we could not even write him a message.



We finally arrived after our little trip through Montreal and saw a light go off in the bathroom. Nici ran to the door to catch the person going up the stairs - too late. Fred was still up - yeahhhhhh - because the light in his room was still on. Lucky us? Well, his room is on the top floor, so we climbed onto chairs and knocked on his window with a broom - we already had tried throwing nuts (from the Hari Krishna people) - but were unsuccessful. I was quite tired and lay down on the swing-bench, watching Fred's window, when suddenly he started closing the curtain! We both jumped up, ran to the chairs, climbed up, almost fell, climbed up again and banged the broom at his window - no reaction. I swear, Nici kept banging for about 5 minutes - I held the chairs - until we finally saw a face at the window!! I celebrated that moment haha, Fred came down, opened the door and let in two relieved and tired girls. What a funny ending to the day but definitely an experience one has to have made once

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