Day 10

saturday, 30 June, 2012 as a result of coming home too late the night before, I slept to long and by the time we had eaten, picked up, showered, done the puzzles in the newspaper, played some piano and got ready it was almost 1.30 pm. Lucy had offered, even though she had hurt her leg/joint, to join us on our planned bike trip to Vieux Montreal. bikes were ready, sunscreen on and water packed - off we were! It was extremely hot and humid and we were very grateful for the water fountain in two parks on our way. the bike path led us alongside the river, through industry and parks. once basically soaked and back on the bike, we were dry within 2 seconds! maybe that will help to imaginene how hot it was it probably took us around 45 minutes to get to our destination, where we ate a Cute Castard - a Beavertail. The Beavertail is a speciality and everybody adores it and did we! Don't worry, it is a sweet desert made of dough and a suggary topping - no real beaver had to die for it. Oh yes, it was delicious but vatal to our biking ability. it was really weird, we continued down a bit further to the chute lachinois and to a lovely outside market. the fresh pressed lemonade with apple, lime and something else helped me revive. My energy had been drained from my body and I swear that the pole I ended up hugging had not been there the second before! we cooled down in the market, watching people go by and talking about this and that. My behind hurt in the way back, it is not accustomed to racing bikes Again we stopped and the parks and arrived back at around 4.30, totally hot and exhausted after the 30km ride! First thing we did: change into a bikini and go swimming! Sophie came over as well and the Antoine, Nicole, her and I played Marco Polo together. For dinner we went out to the banquise, where Nici had her first Poutine - which she did not really like. Had there been more spices and salt, then, maybe, yes. We ate our food in the beautiful Park Lafontaine, which obviously ( fontaine = fountain ) has a large fountain in the middle of the lake, which is lit up at night and changes colors. the atmosphere can be compared with nights st the Aachener Weiher. the fireworks were watched from one of the bridges. thousands of people watched them, standing on the bridge, on the riverbanks. from our sport we could see how more and more people kept poring in from.all sides, as if the was a magnet pulling them towards the water. The fireworks themselves were a masterpiece. in beauty and technical nerdness! I enjoyed them Afterwards, there was a line outside the metro entrance to get inside! ( the stop itself is at least one large story deaper....) we decided walk to the next station, where Antoine and Sophie returned home and Nici and I continued to Berri Uquam to take the metro from.there to meet Justine, with whom we ended up going dancing at "la shop". - great place, one can play billiard etc and all drinks cost 2 doolars! We took the last metro back, after dancing, drinking and being talked to by some drunk girls. I said good night to Antonine for a last time in person upon returning and then fell into deep sleep

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