Day 11

Sunday, 1. July, 2012 our last day in Montreal. The last time I was going to see my friends for a long time. Antoine worked, we got packed and left the house around noon. Our first stop was to visit the other Antoine at his work - surprise visit! we spent some time at the store he works at, enjoying all the fun stuff they have. I also bought 2 French books, which he recommended. It was a nice visit Afterwards we went down town to the Jazz Festival, stayed there a little bit, looked around, listened to music and then took the metro to arrive exactly at 4 pm at Antoines hospital to pick him up. Again, it was an extremely humid and hot day, and we were grateful for The airconditioning inside the hospital. Back at the house, after a long and hot metro ride, we relaxed, packed some more, wrote cards and then had our last delicious dinner together. The meat eaters had something with meat and olives and I had greatly spiced tofu with other veggies etc. It was a very nice last meal, sitting outside, talking and enjoying the fact that we were all there. Nici and I had prepared some little thank you gifts and had them ready in a bag but the, let's call it ceremoby, was delayed, because Fred got up and started playing with a volleyball. I joined him and we played some soccer with the volleyball He shot at my goal, not scoring once! it was fun but hot, Nici, who had sat down next to the goal - very dangerous! Fred was better at hitting her than the goal - wanted to join in the game. She in the goal, Fred and I in the field, playing against each other. I won - 5 to 0!!! imagine that :-D Antoine was exhausted from the week and had slept before dinner and was now pretending to be one of his patients. He needs some time off to relax. We had desert and passed out our little gifts. Lucy had not wanted us to spent money on gifts but was very touched by our cards. They are just too good to us <3 I will miss them! Sophie came over and then Philip as well. We spent the evening together, talking, filling Phillip in on the events of the past week he had spent in Florida, and playing a crazy video game. Too soon it was time to leave and we said good-bye to René. I was sad to leave and looked back at the house from the car, thinking about the passed week and wondering when I would see it again. A short stop at the bank, a quick ride to the center of the city and we had arrived at the busstation. Everything went fast now, Justine joined us there to say bye, we got our luggage on the crowded bus and rounds two seats close, but not next to eachother. We then went back to our little group of friends waiting, Lucy had been at a concert and had ran from there all the way to the station. She was quite out of breath but I was sooo happy she still made it! When the bus driver told us to get on the bus, our hugs and little good-bye ceremony was done in fast forward. Oh, how I wish I could have had to seconds longer. Two more seconds to have been able to look everybody in the eyes, say how much I loved them and how Mich I enjoyed my stay. I just have to assume that they know :-)

8.7.12 19:16

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