Day 12

Monday, 2 July, 2012 The busride through the night was bad. It could have been worse but better as well. The person next to Nici took half of her seat, mine snores and from behind I got the privilege to enjoy several hours of never ending bollywood music. In between I slept a little, waking constantly and realizing that I had almost killed some body part, which was numb from being layed on. Finally we arrived at 6.20 am in Toronto. The streets were deserted, except for many homeless people, mostly still asleep. We started walking the streets with our large backpacks and ended up spending a bit of time in a Starbucks before making our way to Drew's house. Not knowing what and who to expect, we both were nervous and stood a while infront of his door before ringing the doorbell. The worries were unneccessary! Drew is such a nice guy, the best guide ever and owner of a beautiful appartment. We had such a good time together! He took us on a tour of his city, showing us his favorite places and going into some stores, whereas most were still closed, due to Canada Day. After he had led to us spend money, we hardly had to convince him to buy a pair of shoes at a store he had wanted to avoid - it was a dangerous store, too many nice things! The clerks wanted Nici and me to start working for them afterwards haha All in all we walked about 14 km, stopping on our way in some deko stores, at Milestones to have a delicious lunch - too sweet, he treated us to lunch plus cocktails called belinis! - at a dogmuseum, where we saw a dog show and read stories of courageous dogs and cats, (Did you know there was a Hall of Fame for animals?!) and a breakdance show. Of course, highlights of the city such as their Times Square, the stadium, the port, large buildings, the TV and radio tower... were part of our tour as well. Earlier on we had bought a day pass for the street car, unfortunately, it turned out that Nici Mays had left it back at Drew's place, so when we wanted to take the streetcar back, we had to pay again... Things like that happen Back at Drew's apartment we were exhausted, relaxed and watched a movie eating watermelon - Avatar! I had never seen the movie and it totally blew me away. We continued our evening playing Rock Band, a video game. That was so much fun! Our band name is: The couch potatoes! (previously, Drew had said couch potatoe instead of couch surfing several times!) We ended our Jamsession with a round of crazy eights and then fell into bed. What an exciting day and what a positive first couch surfing experience!

8.7.12 19:18

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