Day 13

Tuesday, 3 July, 2012 Before already saying good-bye to our fabulous host, we had breakfast and let him write into the little booklet. He went off to work and we started walking around the city, wanting to see China town before leaving with a bus around noon. Katie, our next couch surfing host, had accepted our request but we had not heard anything from her since. Since Toronto to Niagara Falls is a long distance call, the telefon booth wanted to steal 5$ a minute from us. No worries, we declined its offer We asked some people on the way for their phone and once were looked down at in a most demeaning way and got the harsh answer "no". I mean seriously? we offered to pay to use the phone and there is no way to run away with a backpack on your back, well, who cares. Other people were nicer and we tried calling but did not get an answer. On the bus we called from my cell and then again from the place we got pizza for lunch at Niagara. You would think that Niagara is town bursting of life, right? Well not at and around the busstation! It was like being in a goasttown, with nobody on the streets and most stores closed or for rent.. We found out later that that part of town was fairly far out and that the tourist area basically looked like an amusement park! We took a bus out to our host's place, who had told us how to get there on the phone, but unluckily were let off of the bus too early by a passenger and the driver! It was Tue correct street, no worries there, but we ended up walking it for about an hour, in the heat with out backpacks and a pizzabox (haha), until we got to the right house - out in Tue middle of nowhere! We were glad to have arrived. Katie was very friendly and had amazing stories to tell! We started talking after the family had finished watching a movie. The house was large but I would not live there... plus Katie does all the cleaning for everyone and that is basically impossible for one person. So, clean is something else. The cat and dog, Rara and Molly, were darling! They had put mattresses out for us and at night, Molly joined me at my feet. Cute, but very old, doggy. I need to work on my sleep sensitivity... my brain needs to go to sleep and not wake up at every noise or light :-D

8.7.12 19:23

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