Day 14

Wednesday, 4. July, 2012 This was our day at the falls. Our day to go out and enjoy this natural miracle, together with thousands of other tourists. And at the same time is was: Happy 4th of July!! A special firework show was going to he put on in the evening and we wanted to meet Katie for that. Nici and I got an adventure pass after being forgotten by the bus driver and walking a long ways to get to the falls - what is it, that bus drivers in Niagara don't like about us? :D. On our little journey we passed a place off the road where memorials for a boys death had been set up in a tree. Curious as always, I climbed the barrier and went to have a closer look and then followed a little path with Nici. This path led right to the edge of a cliff, looking down into the raving Niagara river. To our right we could see rainbow bridge and behind it, out first glimpse of the Niagara Falls crashinh, thundering down. What and amazing first sight! No, we did not het too close to the edge, who knows, maybe the boy fell down there, we were careful and enjoyed the peaceful view. The adventure pass included a boats ride to the horseshoe falls, a 4D movie, a journey to the side of the falls and a walk to some of the most dangerous and deadly rapids in the world. I enjoyed the boats tour the most, we had been first on the boat and therefore had got the best place on the boat - all the way in the front. The view was spectacular! Driving into the horseshoefalls obviously we got soaked (raincoats were provided) but the feeling, omg! Water splashing in your face, you hear the thundering of the water, you look up and see the waterfall close by! You have to have experienced it to fully understand the feeling. Anyway, while standing in line for the walk behind the falls, Eddie just started talking with us. His wife, Renee, and him were in line ahead of is and we really got along well and continued talking and joking and ended up spending the day together! We went to the 4D movie, then to a candy store and then out to lunch/dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe! Too generous of them, but by then we had become "buddies" and were talking like we had known each other for a long time. It has been a long time since I met people equally open, friendly, interested, knowledgeable and purely nice. How lucky we got, oh wow! We had planned to meet Katie at Starbucks at 6, problem: there is not only 1 Starbucks in Niagara Falls! 3 on one street, so how the hell was that going to work out? Leaving messages at the stores did not work, meeting her by chance an hour later on our way out of the Hershey's on the street, did work out haha. Who would have thought? So now we were 5 people walking the town, four of us exhausted from the hot day, our destination: the hotel. Eddie and Renee showered and we stayed in the lobby, using the pc looking for a way to get out of Niagara. Believe me or not, there is basically no way out! Our choices: take the greyhound bus for 10 hours to a city 2 1/2 hours away, take the train for 9 hours and pay a fortune or pay a fortune for renting a car... Great. We had basically decided on going to Buffalo or Toronto to continue from there, when Katie found an add of somebody looking for people to join him on his trip west and then south to Texas. Kansas was on the list so later on I called and we arranged to meet in Toronto the next day! We had been saved plus we got and travel again with a new person - lobe meeting new people! Tyrone is a elementary school teacher and a really nice guy, as far as I could tell from the phone haha. Before being back at Katie's place and calling Tyrone, we went to the roof of the hotel with Eddie and Renee. From there we could watch all the fire works going on everywhere! What a spectacular view - fireworks all the way from.Buffalo were visible and then the ones from Niagara started - Happy fourth of July ! Eddie drove us to the busstation and ended up taking us back home, since the bus did not come and he neither wanted us to wait for it nor walk the 10 minutes from the station to the house - too nice! He gave up his good parking place for us

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