Day 15

Thursday, 5 July, 2012 Katie made us pancakes for breakfast and it was one of the first times for Nici to eat any! She really liked them I think. Afterwards and before we got packed and while I took a shower Nick gave Katie our little thank you gift, then we hurried to the busstation with our backpacks. We were wet when we arrived, omg it was so hot! This time the busdriver told us on time when to get off and we started our unsuccessful search for WiFi... Only accessible when you were checked in at a hotel. We had arranged to meet Eddie and Renee at the White Water Walk around noon. When we got there everybody just stared at us with our big packs and obviously put us into the "crazy people box" in their heads. We found Eddie and Renee up front in the long line and went to stand with them. On our way back, two other backpackers talked with us and they had been allowed to leave their packs upstairs, we on the other hand had to take them with us on the elevator and down stairs, through a tunnel and generally on the whole walk! We kept putting them somewhere and then exploring without them. Who would steal a heavy backpack, our valuables were with us at all times, so we climbed from the wooden walking planks right down to the water edge, right next to some of the world's most deadly rapids Wow, those rapids were a wonderful example for water's force! After being amazed by the water and being very hot, we took the bus for a long time to the flower clock. It is America's largest working clock, surrounded by thousands of little flowers - quite impressive! We took the bus off and we had to say a fast good-bye to our two Jew friends, since they were heading back to the hotel and out for a nice dinner and we had to go to the bus and trainstation to find a bus back to Toronto. We promised to keep them updated and to be careful Our lucky day? But we got to station, bought a ticket and were on the next bus within 5 minutes and then tadaaaa the air conditioner did not fully work!! No way lucky day, we were all dying in that bus, the driver along with us. Even though we sat in the very first row it was unbearable to touch anything and I felt like I was melting! I think I would rather have walked haha anyway, finally we arrived and fled into a cool Tim Hortons and then contacted Tyrone again. Since his street was not on our map anymore it took us a while to find him but then we did and spend the rest of the evening talking, listening to records on his nice recordplayer, we had a little bit a really good polish herbal vodka and after a reviving shower went to bed. What a hot day that had been! Adventures lie before us! :-D I am excited!

8.7.12 19:29

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Karla (9.7.12 22:11)
I'm glad you continued your blog! Lots of walking with heavy backpacks!! And lots of organisation - why is it so difficult to get Wifi? If you are sleeping lightly, why not use ear plugs? they might really help you relax....
Much love from Mom

Izzy (13.7.12 21:09)
I am glad you like it! It is hard to get Wifi because often places that offer Wifi want you to log in elaborately or they are linked to a hotel... And thanks for the tips, I have been using different tricks!
Much love from Bloomington

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