Day 16

Friday, 6 July, 2012 Alarm was set for 8.30 am, it rang at 8.30 am but I was the only one who got up! The other two kept on sleeping for a while haha sleepyheads! Tyrone took us out to breakfast and then we started our road trip! A red headed teacher and track runner, one fully German girl and a German girl with an American passport who looks like 13 - destination: Kansas City! So, let's rock it! Plan had been to leave early in the morning but none of us really minded the fact that we did not get off until, what was it?, 12.30! I was our first driver and it took me some time to get accustomed to the oldish automatic car with terrible brakes haha it was hot, oh so very hot out and according to the car owner, we were lucky that the air conditioning worked as well as it did. Our lucky day! We drove, or more precisely, I drove on and on. We stopped in between for a little bit of food, drinks, restroom etc. Soon it was time to get gas. Nici and I sat in the car when we heard a loud scream from outside. There was a wasps nest in the gas door cover! It was hilarious because everybody was freaking out over 3 wasps. All of the others had not survived. Since Mr. Ginger was too chicken, I put gas into the car, aggravating the wasps to such an extent with my presence that one of them left the nest and flew around the car. I relocated the other two via paper to a grassy area, we knocked of the nest and were ready to go! What a gasstation experience! :-D At breakfast Tyrone had several bets with us: The winner would get a coffee - no, I, the big coffee lover, did not take part in this bet - because Nici said we would not have go in at the boarder, Tyrone disagreed. Then him and me still bet on how long it would take us at the boarder. Well, he ended up winning both bets, because we did have to go in and we were there for 1h 12min, which is more than 40. That little more than an hour was purely crazy, wow! Oh, how glad we were when we finally were let through! That was an experience full of rules, suspicion and riddle popsicles. We were all starving by the time we got out of there and took the officer's advice and soon found our selves sitting at Taco Bell in the little city named Port Huron. The place was getting ready for an oldtimer parade! People had chairs set up along the main road, old cars and little food stand were set up all over the place! Sure, we would have liked to stay and watch the parade but we had a heck of a long way ahead of us still. The ride continued and sometime around dusk Nici took over the steering weel. It was the first time I drove with her - excited! She is good, no question, just needs to get a bit smoother on the steering. We all got nicknames: I was rrgrgrrgrrg, because I passed the side line twice and it makes that noise, Nici was schwisch schwasch and Tyrone was Linecrosser, since he liked going back and forth or driving between two lanes :-D When it got dark, Tyrone took over and we started keeping our eyes out for a place to stay for the night. Not being able to find anything since we were basically driving through untouched nature apart from the freeway. The next exit was taken and we stopped at MCDonald's to use their WiFi...unfortunately they had already closed the inside area and their WiFi was not working. We stood outside for a while, looking really stupid with our cells in.our hands, waving them around looking for a WiFi signal..duhhh. Tyrone went to get a key, we got into the room, got ready for bed, I got a lazor treatment on my knee and we slept.

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