Day 17

Saturday, July 7, 2012 It is Johannes's birthday! He turned 16! My little bro I thought of him all day and even talked to him briefly. His plan of day was to celebrate and enjoy his houseparty. Ours was to reach Kansas City! Nici started driving and at some point we stopped in Springfield. Original reason: take a picture in front of a Springfield sign - allusion to the Simpson's. Reality: drive through the city and visit of the Lincoln museum visitor center. There we got to enjoy a singing performance, songs from the time of the civil war were sung. The room had wonderful acustics and even though the others did not want to stay, they did enjoy it in the end! We saw Lincoln's house and then left towards Kansas City. Tyrone drove. We drove west, and further west. The advertisements along the highway changed. Now the church was advertising for themselves next to porn advertisement. Crazy place? Linner was eaten at the waffle house. I took over driving soon afterwards and drove right into the setting sun. Tip: try to avoid driving west when the sun is setting. Even you might not think so, it is annoying and irritating! But when I saw the beautiful sunset that developed, I forgot the bright beams and was mesmerized by the sky. I had been driving for a long time and it was getting harder, but we were down to 60 miles and I just started counting them - Oh was I glad when we finally arrived at Kansas City! Tyrone had offered us to stay at a Hotel with him and since a soft bed is never unwelcome and he was a fun companion, we gladly accepted! The hotel was very nice and beds so soft, we watched a little bit of television, had some milky way and went to bed. Nici ironed almost all of her clothes and was totally excited about having an iron! Driving is so exhausting! We were happy, the long drive was over and we still liked each other :-D

13.7.12 21:28

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