Day 18

Sunday, 8. July, 2012 woke up with the alarm and backpain, took a shower and then rolled the other two out of bed in order to make it to breakfast. Good breakfast btw. Back at the room I connected to the internet and for my 10.30 Skype appointment with my brother. While waiting I repacked my backpack. It was in desperate need of that! Seriously, I do not have a lot of stuff but the way things had become my backpack was full! Nici tought me her rolling technique and tadaaaaaa now the bag is basically half empty! That is really nice After I wrote Johannes a textmessage that cost me about 3 Euros he called an hour late but at least he called and I was happy to talk to and see him and mom too. We got going after everybody was ready and drove into the city, where Tyrone showed us a street with many marvelous stores! The record store was on this street as well and since he is into records, we went there. I enjoyed the experience since it was a first for me. It is good to see that small stores can survive even if they do not sell top interest products. Some records there cost over 200 $! We got Tyrone a record from The Guess Who where the cover really suited our situation plus we knew he liked the group. If it does not kept during the rest of his journey, I am sure he will enjoy listening to it and thinking of our time together! A downpour surprised us in the store so we ran to a close vegan cafe Tyrone knew and had some food and drink there - delicious and so unique! Ever had Mexican hot chocolate? Worth a try We stayed there for a while, talking and playing the game of life, which I won with pure luck. I did not really get the game, for example I had to buy a helicopter and a yacht but they were no use and basically only existed in the way of my money being diminished... I guess I'll have to play Tue game again to get a better hang of it. Our next stop was an amazing vintage store. We had parked the car in the customers only Starbucks parking lot and were mildly worried but if you think about it for what reason? We could have been customers ;-D The store, I swear, if it existed in Germany, Nici would he there every day! She had lemonade there, clothes, hats, shoes, jewlery, sunglasses, little artifacts, furniture, flowers... basically anything and it was so homey! We spent a heck of a long time there but we all enjoyed the stay and Tyrone tried some stuff on but then resorted to watching us decide. Nici got a beautiful dress, she really had no choice but to get it, it was purely perfect! Then she still got a vintage hat, earrings and head deko. I got a turquoise hat and a dress I really like. By the time we were out of the store a lot of time had passed and it definitely was time for some food. Tyrone had been telling us about this fantastic barbeque but when we got there it was closed and while driving around we saw downtown Kansas City, poverty section, Jazz section and much more before we found a little pizza place close to our hotel and we ended up parking there and walking. The firewood oven pizza was good and we payed basically nothing for a salad, pizza and refillable drinks. After satisfying our stomachs Tyrone went to get some wine and we looked up ways to get to St. Louis. We found a train and a hostel and Tyrone was back before we could book it so we had to promise to take a taxi to the hostel before completing the transaction. Worried daddy Tyrone I want to mention at this point that we have only encountered extremely friendly, open, engaged and feeling people! We have been lucky for sure, but it is the best thing ever that we keep basically bumping into lovely persons! Thank you to everyone who has helped us and been part of our summer adventure so far ans in the future! We appreciate it Back to the day and away from being a little sentimental, we had a little bit of wine, relaxing from the day and then I got them motivated to go to a hooka bar! That is basically the only thing one can to with 18+ and under 21. That was a very nice way to spend the evening! Excellent hooks, nice waiters, good conversation, much fun and a great night! Back at the hotel we were craving a burrito and actually looked up how long taco Bell is open for (closes around two am...) but we had to settle with snack food, it was too late - dommage! We still chilled and watched crapy American tv before finally dropping into to bed and into a deep sleep. What a full and memorable day!

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