Day 19

Monday, 9. July, 2012 Even though we had stayed up late we all got up in the morning and got breakfast before packing up, realizing that my muscles are totally tense and trying to Posen them, profit from WiFi for a last time and finally checking out of the hotel. Thank you Tyrone for letting us stay with you there! You got great company haha The plan for the day were museums, post and Mexican lunch. First stop was the post office where Nici packed and sent off 2 dresses, a sweater and a hat for too much money. At least the cashier did not see that the box was from their stack so she did not charge for the box :-D Nice one and it made Nici feel less miserable for having to send things back because of lack of space. Tyrone got his mail off and we were back in the car on our way to the sculpture garden and the arts museum. I enjoyed the sculpture garden which was very wide speed, well decorated and obviously cared for with love. The most impressive art piece were gigantic batmitton birdies by Oldenburg! Wow, they were scattered through the area and two were places on their own on a gigantic grass area - wonderful effect. The art presented was mixed, mainly modern and fun to engage with. Unfortunately the museum in the Sculpture park was closed. We went to the other museum I wanted to visit but got unlucky there as well. Monday's is the museum's day off. We did get to get a beautiful glass sculpture and a brass spider... Nici had a very bad headache and so obviously was not feeling well. I gave her medicine and water but she really needed to be somewhere cold. We tried to hurry to find a place to eat, original plan had been mexican but that was dropped and the Cheesecake factory was chosen because it was close and Nick had never been there before. It was a little too loud but the cold and the delicious food helped. Oh my, we or at least I was stuffed after our little appetizers! Nici and I took about half of our main meal with us, having a dinner for the train ride. The piece of cheesecake we shared was delicious! I just adore the crust! No backtalk, it is THE best Tyrone does not like wearing shorts, did not bring any but was dying in his jeans. In a nice store we tried to find some shorts for him but they were all too much "daddy style". Nobody call tell me only woman are picky shoppers He likes shopping but dislikes most of the clothes it seems like. Whereas he was convinced into buying a very nice shirt. It suits him well and maybe he will remember our shopping trip while wearing it We left the store too late, got lost on the way to the trainstation and had total stress, which nobody likes. We made but I basically thrust our bag with little gifts into his hand and said goodbye within a second before he had to jump off of the train again. We had run a bit with our heavy backpacks, or at least Nici had, Tyrone was carrying mine and I had other bags. Unfortunately he did not get to write into our book :-( I think I will make him send us his text! We were completely exhausted on the train and when the conductor came were totally shocked because we could not find our tickets! We looked through everything, had other passengers helping, had two conductors with different opinions and were at a loss. A nice woman in front of us let us use her phone to call Tyrone and the tickets ended up being in the overhead compartment, camaflouged as advertisement! Wow. We had had our reservation number but the one conductors kept insisting on needing the paper ticket which got us all bent out of shape but in the end everything worked out just fine and we even had the permission to use the woman's phone to call the hostel to let them know when we were coming. When we finally arrived at St. Louis at 10.40pm we took a taxi as promised to Tyrone. I do not know how much he understood of what I was saying but I just repeated the adress several times and he brought us to the right place ;-) Tom awaited us and we got our keys and sheets and were off to bed in a dorm for 10 but we were the only inhabitants so we got a free choice of beds - nice and good night!

13.7.12 21:30

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