Day 20

Tuesday, 10 July, 2012 good morning St. Louis! We slept surprisingly well and long before we left the dorm to start our days trip. Our plan for our stay in St Louis was to see Forest Park, the Gateway to the west,, city museum, art museum, the hill and another city district. Before we could concentrate on that we needed some food! We walked to the main train station, found coupons there ans made our way to this breakfast place called Chris Breakfast and Diner. We the train and a bus we finally got there and enjoyed a delicious breakfast! In the end we forgot to use our coupons... Next stop: forest park and the art museum. It gets extremely hot waiting for the bus outside in the sun! BTW, only black people travel on the bus! This extreme social disparity becomes very clear in this region of the country. It is weird but even though the bus and train connection is quite extensive, no whites use it. I hate having to make this differenciation but it sadly is that extreme. :-( Anyway, Forest Park is a remarkable place. This park is larger than central park in NYC! Basically no signs exist so you are doomed to get lost but it is beautiful. You do not feel like you are in the city anymore. Everywhere the ist green, plants, forest, trees, grass, water, lakes, fountains, streams, birds,... We enjoyed walking through the park. We did not have a lot of time at the art museum but we got to see half of the exhibition and my favorite piece is a painting by Buton, I think that is his name, where you can see a young lady standing at the beach with a wounded bird on her arm. The ocean, the sky and healthy birds can be seen in the background. She is standing at the beach and the colors and the light convey peace but at the same time melancholy. I loved finding this painting and just letting myself fall into it. On our way through the park on the bus we had seen people in a little paddle boat and we were determined to find them. We did eventually but decided against renting one because the sun was blazing hot and the water offered no shade. So we decided to check out the zoo! Well, it was already closing by the time we got there. Everything closes much to early in St. Louis! We took a break and then got going, on the mission of finding a way out of the park tadaaaaaa we found a way! The nearest busstop was not far away in a nice residential area. No busplan was available but we just sat and waited until it came We had decided to go check out downtown St. Louis and go to the Arch since it really was not that late jet. Downtown? What a joke! After visiting the Westward Expansion Exhibition, which was surprisingly well done and the way of telling the story quite objective, we walked around looking for a little shop with WiFi. Seriously - downtown St. Louis exists of Hotels, streets, office buildings, lights and absolutely no people! It was a gosttown! We gave up looking for stores or people quickly and took the metro back to the hostel, well not all the way because we had to change into a bus. At the busstop a guy selling water did not stop talking with us. I completely tuned out and let Nici talk while I tried to figure out which other bus we could so we would not have to wait for over 30 minutes. I did find another solution and saw a bus with the appropriate number sitting at the station and we went to ask the driver and showed him our destination on the map. His answer was, and here I will quote: "Well....what you need is the 10 in the other direction............................Let me tell you have about less than 1 minute and 30 seconds. Your bus is back there!" He could not have said that any slower! We ran and got the bus and.eventually got back to the hostel where we joined some people outside, talking and enjoying the evening. Brandon lives in an apartment there, Shawn was a guest and so were Lilly and Charly. Charly had hitchhiked over 700 miles to see Lilly, is big love, but she was too drunk to pay any attention and ended up cheating on Charly with Shawn. As you might imagine, there was quite some drama going on and we felt sorry for Charly. Christian and Richard, two guys from Sweden, joined the party later on and we got along very well. We made plans to meet up in the morning. Eventually we went to bed without having Lolly and her dog sleeping with us.

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