Day 21

Wednesday, 11 July, 2012 My alarm rang at 8.30 and Tom, the owner of the hostel, knocked at 8.30 as well so I was up. After I had taken a shower Nici was just waking up :-D Her sleeping skills are amazing! We got everything packed, met our Swedish friends outside, packed the car and said goodbye, then we were off to have breakfast at the same place as yesterday. Once again it was delicious and with more company even more fun. They have such a good humor! We were constantly joking around. I think the craziest thing we did in St. Louis was to eat Melon with Tabasco on it! I did not try that but Richard and Nici dared each other and did it! We hid outside and moved the car, thinking Christian would not find us... the joke did not work out as planed because he saw the car instantly! hmmm Anyway, our next atop was the humongous arch. Due to lack of time Nici and Christian went in the boattour and Richard and I took the tour up to the top of the arch. I think all four of us enjoyed our choice. The elevator taking people up the arch was tiny and looked really spacy. Up at the top the view was amazing, how I'd love to be a bird sometimes. We saw chaped and things one cannot see from down below. Richard is a hobby pilot and appreciates the view from above as well. We stayed up there, leaning on the windowsill and just plainly stared outside. We met the other two outside again and made our way back to the car, taking pictures on the way. A St. Louis specialty was tried next: frozen custard. It was delicious! And it is so variable. When we arrived before the city museum I made the guys promise to do anything possible inside. They promised without knowing that this museum is like a kids paradise! You climb around, up, under and over things, feel young and enjoy this fabulous museum where everything is made of reused materials. We had such a good time! Richard and I are very proud of Nici and Chris for following and somng everything, because they are afraid of hights. I think we could have spent all day there but we had our train to catch. We said goodbye to our new friends with the promise of meeting up in San Francisco! We look forward to that. The trainride to Bloomington was very relaxing and Chris, our couch surfing host, picked us up at the station. Chris lives at a hotel! Well, he has to because his job sent him to Bloomington, which is a little tiny place in Illinois with not much to do. We spent the evening talking, drinking and chilling before going to bed and sleeping :-)

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