Day 22

Thursday, 12 July, 2012 Chris left very early in the morning for work and we slept in. He was going to be back around 11.30 and by that time we had only showered, gotten dressed and checked some mails. We went out for lunch and Breakfast at the same time in a very cute little cafe. While Chris went to a coffehouse to get some work done we walked through little stores and laughed at things such as an "apology notepad". You had to fill things out basically saying what you did and why and if you will do it again haha :-D From the cofeehouse Chris took us to the mall and he went back to work at State Farm for two hours. We roamed the mall, stopping at various stores, skipping dangerous ones and ending up buying stuff at old navy :-D Victoria Secret will be visited again in CAL, that is a plan and a promise Having rejoined with Chris we went to telefon stores to try to get us an American number. We probably decided on a good plan from T-Mobile. Dinner was eaten at a delicious Indian restaurant. We tried different things and left the place comfortably full. We then drove around town for a while, looked at cornfields, the cute and tiny airport, the climbing hall, State Farm buildings, Hershey road and stopped by Walmart on the way to give Nici the chance to have been in and seen one. She was fascinates and a little horrified, well, the experience is made and leaving the store was harder than expected, since somebody was hard to move away from the hairband selection... ;-) Back at the hotel it was already more or less late and we watched a series of X-Files and listened to some music before going to bed again.

13.7.12 21:35

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Karla (14.7.12 11:51)
Hi Isi . I wore your blue jacket today - you can tell how the weather is here... and found a pocket full of stuff and about 27€!!. Are you in Chicago? What about all the cool architecture? You should do a architecture tour of the city by boat! Forget the malls, you can do that in So. Cal. - see the special sides of this special city!° Visit one of the fabulous museums:-)Does Grandma have your exact flight details? Jo and KHK are in Holland. Still have too much to do but I am SO looking forward to relaxing in California!!!!Hugs and LOVE from MOm

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